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Blackjack Rules:

The blackjack rules: Blackjack is one of the most popular and profitable casino games in existence. It's the only game where you can win the most money and kill the house edge in the long run. Unlike other card games this game is easy to learn and it's goals and the blackjack rules are simple and clear.

To win you have to have a hand greater then the dealer without going over 21. You don't have to hide your hand from the players or dealer because all gamblers play against the dealer, and he can't make his own decisions because he works for the casino and they have a strict policy to follow the blackjack rules.

The dealer has to take as many cards as possible to get to 17. Once he hits 17 he is forced to stand. However if he draws a 10 and a 5 he obviously has to take another card and it's in your best interest that he busts (goes over 21.) These are the basic blackjack rules.

Blackjack rules are easy when played correctly and you must take into consideration at least the number of card decks used and the blackjack 
rules of the casino you are playing at. This is the only way to get an advantage over the house and it gives you a slight advantage over the 
casino making it a beatable game over all.

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