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Blackjack tips

Even though there is a world of different variations in the game of 21, many of these rules are for the advantage of the house not the player. You have to consider the playing conditions, avoid making certain bets, and managing your money. These blackjack tips will help:

Follow these blackjack tips:

Un-crowded tables with less than three players; in this way you will play more hands between two shuffles compared to a crowded table 
single deck games; in this way you will be dealt more blackjack hands while the dealer is less likely to also have blackjack and tie you.

Unrestricted doubling - you can double down on any two cards before splitting - or you are allowed to resplit the aces. Follow these blackjack tips carefully!

Early surrender is allowed. This is an important blackjack tip.

Dealer stands on soft seventeen 

Blackjack has a 2:1 payoff ratio or is paid when the dealer ties a penetration above 50%; this represents the percentage of cards dealt from the deck before shuffling and it's very important when you are card counting

Most important blackjack tips: Avoid making side bets 

Don't take insurance bets unless you know for sure the dealer is likely to have a blackjack. These blackjack tips will show you can determine this probability only by counting cards. If you are not a card counter don't ever make insurance bets. The other side bets are always bad bets. The casinos have implemented these bets with one purpose only: to make you lose more money. Betting on whether or not your initial hand has a total of 13 or more is the perfect example of such a gimmick bet.

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